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Thank you for stopping by, feel free to browse around this digital gallery of my personal work and more. 

Digital Prints, Copies and Original Artwork shown here will be up for sale soon Esty. 

All About Me

Let me introduce myself... I am Mayra Angulo, the artist behind AnguloDraws… Hispanic Origin and Proud to be a strong independent woman. I believe everyone has the capacity of being creative and speaking their truth through Art.  I have dabbled in all sorts of mediums since the age of five. 

From photography to digital art;  whether my tool is a stylus to a paint brush I have enjoyed creating work that speaks my truth. 

Growing up my mother always told me "Protégé tu Corazon" Protect your heart for when you fall you heart will be the first to fell the pain, the hurt, and everything in between. I have carelessly shared my heart with those whom could not cherish or value it.  

AnguloDraws started out as a self project to create an outlet to share and create as well as make a brand for myself.

I have experimented with materials and have rediscovered my art style throughout the years. With growth and time I have found that my style and preference of mediums has changed throughout the years but one thing that has remained consistent is the joy and satisfaction that comes with giving the final piece to an individual, from custom portraits of their dog or a loved ones, that really makes every detail worth the effort, that final smile is why I keep doing what I love.

So please feel free to browse around and reach out to me with questions in regards to custom orders.

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